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Eins Fashion Boutique Egypt

you never need an excuse for glamour. Handpicked pieces from some of fashion's most forward labels make a sleek statement in your wardrobe. A selection so stylish it blurs our ability to distinguish wants from need

Eins Fashion Boutique Egypt houses collections of funky, quirky, unique, trendy and vintage items from a range of designers, offering an affordable way to update closets and stay on-trend!


Beach cover-ups, dresses , skirts, club dresses, women tops, intimates, jackets, blazers,

Bags & Accessories:

handbags, wallets, belts, scarves, hats, sunglasses, beauty and healt


bracelets, necklaces, pendants, bangles, earrings, rings, watches

El Adha Brands Shopping Open Day - Aug /Sept 2017

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Back-to-School Brands Bazaar Egypt

بازار التسوق للمدارس

من السبت 9 سبتمبروحتى 30 سبتمبر 2017

للاستفسارت الاتصال على 01223255195

El Adha Brands Shopping Open Day

From Fri 25 Aug to Wed 30 Aug 2017

اوبن داى عيد الاضحى اغسطس2017

Make sure you are festival ready this season with our hottest new styles at Eins Brands Open Day. Shop the newest styles of festival clothing, dresses and accessories.  our unique collection of the includes; Women Fashion Wear, Cocktail and Evening Dresses, Footwear, Designer Handbags, Silver Jewelry, Handmade Scarves, Home Fashion Accessories, Lightings, Linens, Bed sheets, Organic Mattresses & Pillows, Bath Linens, Towels, Home Accessories, Tablecloth, Curtains, Kitchenware, Cookware, Flatware and more

[email protected]

Cairo. Egypt +2.0122.32.55.195


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Back-to-School Brands Bazaar Egypt

بازار التسوق للمدارس من السبت 9 سبتمبروحتى 30 سبتمبر 2017  للاستفسارت الاتصال على 01223255195

Email: [email protected]

Getting Your Favorite Brand on the Back-to-School Shopping List

 Maadi, Cairo. Egypt +2.0122.32.55.195

Event: Back to School Bazaar 2017

Date: From Sat 9 Sept to Sat 30 Sept 2017

Where: Eins Fashion Gallery- New Maadi, Cairo. Egypt

Contact: +2.0122.32.55.195


Get Your Back-2-School Shopping List Done:

Gear-up for fun times with our Back to School super supplies and essentials including; School Bags, Backpacks, Flasks, Lunch Boxes, Healthy Sandwich Keepers, Water Bottles, Juice Bottles, Insulated Food Keepers, Study Desks, Reading Chairs, Orthopedic Mattress, toppers and more



Exhibitors, Vendors & Sellers: 

To register as a seller, retailer, and vendor at Eins Bazaars Egypt contact 01223255195 for table /space availability or send your products category, name and contact number to email [email protected]


لاي استفسارات الاتصال ببازار جاليرى على 01223255195

من العاشرة صباحا الى العاشرة مساءا

Maadi, Cairo. Egypt +2.0122.32.55.195





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Meet your Winter Wardrobe Open Day. January 2017

Meet your Winter Wardrobe Open Day. January 2017

Meet your Winter Wardrobe Open Day

Eins Open Days Egypt Jan 2017

Cairo. Egypt +2.0122.32.55.195

Women’s clothes and Fashion in Various Sizes

Brighten up your winter wardrobe

فاشون اوبن داى ملابس واكسسوارت الشتاء يناير 2017


Meet the piece that will transform your winter wardrobe. Select a piece to add to your closet that will give your wardrobe new life this season.

Coats- Jacket, Leather Jacket, Trim Cape, Aviator Biker Jacket, Neck Poncho, Boots, Handbags, Scarves, Shawls, Gloves, Handmade Crochet Socks,  Silver Jewelry,  Fashion Accessories and more


Eins Open Days Egypt Jan 2017

Cairo. Egypt +2.0122.32.55.195

للاستفسارات 0122.32.55.195


Ramadan Bazaar 2015 Egypt - RamadanYAT

Ramadan Bazaar 2015 Egypt


بازار رمضانيات مصر2015

Open Day Shopping Bazaar

SHARQIYAT Bazaarشرقيات

 For your Home & Garden

Cairo – Egypt 0122.32.55.195

بازاراستعدادات رمضان 2015 .. معرض رمضانيات المعادى يرحب بكم للسنة التاسعة على التوالى... كل عام وانتم بخير رمضان كريم ..للاستفسارات 01223255195

Get Hostess Gift for 3zomat Ramadan...

Unique Gifts to bring when invited to Iftar or Sohor

من الان وطوال شهر رمضان

Ramadan Kareem


Eins Egypt Bazaars Events Calendar

May –June-July 2015


بازار رمضانيات: شرقيات مصرية وعربية –رمضانيات – ديكورات رمضانية -  اكسسوارات منزلية شرقية- مفارش خيامية-  تابلوهات حائط شرقية - خداديات– ملايات- ستائر– اسدالات- عبايات – ايشاربات -  اطباق تقديم – اطقم خشاف يدوية – اطباق للمكسرات والحلويات – اطباق زينة عربية وشرقية – صوانى تقديم يدوية –  بوفات ومخدات شرقية – سفرة رمضانية – مطبخ رمضان – زينة رمضان-  تعليقات حوائط عربية ...

Get Ready for Ramadan

From Sat 23 May 2015 to Thursday 18 June 2015

Ramadan Hostess Gift

From Sat 20 June 2015 to Wednesday 15 July 2015

El Eid Shopping

From Wednesday 1 July 2015 to Thursday 16 July 2015

Summer Brides & Afra7 El Eid

From Monday 1June 2015 to Thursday 16 July 2015


Give the Perfect Festive Touch to Your Home and Garden in Ramadan. For the ninth consecutive year, Eins Egypt SHARQIYAT helps you impress your guests with your oriental home decorations, decorate your home for Ramadan with a variety of oriental unique stuff, setting your Ramadan table with quality oriental decorated pieces, unique centerpiece Fanous and more.


Here at Eins RamadanYAT Bazaar @ Maadi Home Gallery you can find and buy a wide range of Ramadan decorations such as Fanous, oriental home accessories, Ramadan designs and motifs tablecloth, Ramadanyat print cloth cushions and pillows, Arabic designs runners, oriental Cushions, Prima brand beanbag chairs with oriental and calligraphic designs , curtains, decorative cushions, khyamia, serving Trays, oriental decorative trays, coasters, and goblets engraved with Arabic designs, shawls, scarves, abaya, isdal, Sinai handmade accessories, fashion and garden accessories, ottoman seat and covers, crochet home accessories,  selective fashion bags from Siwa and more

Personalized and Custom orders are available


To register as a Seller/ Retailer @ Eins Monthly Bazaar Cairo call 0122.32.55.195 for table/space availability or send an email to [email protected] with sample photo of your products/ website/ or webpage along with your contact phone number. For more info feel free to contact us at 0122.32.55.195. We welcome your calls at +2.0122.32.55.195 from 10am to 10pm


Eins Bazaars Egypt

RamadanYAT Bazaar

Cairo – Egypt

SHARQIYAT Bazaarشرقيات


Eins Bridal Wedding Dresses Gallery Egypt

Eins Bridal Wedding Dresses Gallery Egypt

Summer Brides & Afra7 ElEid

Find a Bridal Gown that you Love & Make a Big Save

Monday 1 June 2015 to Thursday 16 July 2015

اوبن داى افراح الصيف والعيد الصغير طوال شهريونيووحتى نصف يوليو2015

اوبن داى  فساتين الزفاف والخطوبة والسهرات

Eins Bridal Buy & Sell Wedding Dress in Egypt +2.0122.32.55.195

Couture - Designer - European Brands – American Brands

Eins Easter & Spring Bazaar Maadi
Spring Shopping Bazaar
Maadi Gallery +2.0122.32.55.195
Family Shopping Festival
Shop Everything for You, Kids & Home
New Fresh Style Spring/Summer 2015
from Sunday 5 April 2015 to Thursday 30 April 2015 at Eins Home & Fashion Gallery,

New Maadi, Cairo, for direction dial 01223255195

Spring Summer Collection of  Artistic Modern & Classic Home Accessories: Shop for unique, one-of-a-kind home accessories items in Eins Home Gallery, find artistic home accessories, serving trays, bed trays, coasters, mugs, cups, handmade towels, funny aprons, placemats, tablemats, artistic wall panels, wall prints and posters, home décor, textile, book shelves, cushions, runners, tablecloth, rugs, kilim, corner tables, floor seats, outdoor furniture, Prima bean bags, bed sheets, pillows, mattress protectors, memory foam mattresses and toppers, women’s and girls fashion wear summer trends 2015,Indian fashion accessories, bracelets , necklaces, silver and gemstones fashion accessories and more

For inquires feel free to contact the gallery on 01223255195

Mom & Me Mother’s Day Bazaar

@ Eins Home & Fashion Gallery

Cairo, Egypt 0122.32.55.195

From 1 March 2014 to 21 March 2014

بازار هدايا عيد الام من 1 الى 21 مارس 2014

Eins Valentine’s Day 2014 Gift Bazaar

Cairo. Egypt +2.0122.32.55.195

 The Cupids have done their job!

 Shop Unique & Customized Valentine’s Gift

Saturday 1 Feb 2014 to Friday 14 Feb 2014


The much awaited day is here. The month of Feb approaches it brings along the rhythm of love and romance. Valentine's Day Personalized products worth so much more than a store bought gift. This valentine’s compliment your love with something more than just a flower or a stuffed toy. Gift her moment to be cherished forever and leave her spellbound with your love and care.  Relationship should be healthy, caring, loving, kind, upbeat, and positive and all of this should reflect in your valentine’s gift. Your loved ones are really special and unique, so should be your valentine gift. Here at Eins Gallery you can find something special for someone special.


Find unique gifts for all your special occasions in Egypt. Thoughtful Gifts to inspire you for Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Graduation, New Baby, Business Customers, Corporate Gift, Job Promotion and so much more. for inquiries and ideas about special gift feel free to contact us on 0122.32.55.195.

Eins Bazaars Egypt Marketing & Sales Service: To register as a seller, retailer, and vendor contact 01223255195 for table /space availability

Open Day Bazaar- January 2014

Eins Home & Fashion Winter Bazaar

From: Saturday 4 January 2014 to Thursday 30 January 2014

At Eins Home & Fashion Gallery Cairo Info +2.0122.32.55.195

Fashion Trends Winter 2014 Open Day Shopping Bazaar

Shop Trendy Fashion for U, Kids, Home & Kitchen

Ladies Women’s Wear, Coats, Jackets, Rain Coat, Gloves Hats and Scarves

Kids Wear, Home Accessories, Kitchenware, Home Decoration, Bedding & Table Cloth

Laura Ashley- Lancel - Nine West - Max Mara & More

Info +2.0122.32.55.195

Event: Eins Egypt Trendy Fashion House Bazaar – January 2014

When: From Saturday 4 January 2014 to Thursday 30 January 2014

Where: at Eins Home & Fashion Gallery Cairo – info 0122.32.55.195

Women’s Wear

Kids Wear

Bridal Wedding Dresses

Bridal Accessories, Veils & Headband

Evening Gowns & Cocktail Dresses

Handmade Silver Accessories

Personalized Gifts

Egyptian Style Gifts & Home Accessories

Modern Home Decorations & Accessories

Prima Chairs & Cushions

Bed & Mattress

Bedding Sets, Tablecloth

Kitchen Towels

Kitchenware & Cookware

Flatware & Tableware


Toys & More


To register as a Seller/ Retailer / Service Provider at Eins Cairo Monthly Open Day Bazaars pls call for table/space availability or send an email includes your product details to [email protected]



Bella Bazaar Fashion Egypt

Pick unique piece of clothing at Bella Bazaar Egypt from your favorite brand name e.g.   

Ralph Lauren

Star by Julien Macdonald

Jane Norman

Oxygen Brand Clothing

The beautiful young star Emy Samir Ghanem @ Eins Bazaar Maadi

The beautiful young star Emy Samir Ghanem relaxes and enjoys the luxury that Prima Chairs so easily provides at Eins Gallery Maadi, Cairo


Prima Collection: Prima Modern Furniture - Home Accessories - Indoor Chairs - Outdoor Seats- Gaming Chairs - Play Station Seats – Reading Chairs - Kids’ Chairs - Middle & Corner Tables - Personalized Gifts with name and photo...

Prima Chairs Cairo, Egypt + 2.0122.32.55.195

Eins Bazaars Egypt - Exhibition Services and Event Organizers in Egypt- Cairo +2.0122.32.55.195